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Welcome to Shill CIty!

We @SeaShantiesSol are working at constructing a utility based NFT economy that produces continuous value for holders in the form of a proprietary token, $TRTN, that will be issued to holders who stake our NFT’s with our primary financial institution, Shill City Capital, with additional institutions such as Shill City Mortgage and Poseidon LP serving specific roles to support the value of $TRTN and to provide value and utility to our NFT holders

$TRTN launch price at $1.50

Wet Paper


Phase 1

Aqua $TRTN.png



Each neighborhood of 1,111 will compete in missions throughout the week. The winning neighborhood of that week will earn 10% of the Shell Bank balance to be distributed amongst holders. A random NFT will be stolen from the bank and airdropped to a random holder every week in the winning neighborhood.  

Blue $TRTN.png



The formation of SeaDAO. The community will get to decide all transactions and investments of Shell Bank. The DAO will select Bank Managers to run Shell Bank and to encourage community to add value to the project. All transactions from this point on will be decided by the Bank Managers. A weekly vote will be held alongside the mayoral race to decide if new bank managers need to be elected.



Upon sellout, we will start Shell Bank and donate 400SOL from mint to the community bank. 25% of royalties from secondary sales will go directly to Shell Bank, so it may start making investments and acquiring assets.




The Solana Bottoms mayor's office will be revealed. Sea Shanties holders will compete trough missions each week, with each completed mission = 1 vote. Holders who complete all missions for the week will have their names put up for ballot. The community will hold a vote for each candidate, the holder with the most votes will win the race.

The Mayor will receive a weekly benefit of 3% from the Shell Bank balance. A custom 1/1 will be created for each mayor and the portrait will be hung up in the wall of Mayors. The Mayor will be up removed from office every week, for embezzlement. Through corruption and bribery all mayors can run again for re-elections.



Staking a Sea Shanty NFT will yield 6.9 $TRTN per day, and $TRTN will launch at a $1.50 value (just >$10/day rewards).


We can guarantee this launch value by funding a liquidity pool with something like 200,000 $USDC and 133,333 $TRTN.


**(We say 'something like' because... the 1400 $SOL we’re devoting to this pool might be worth more or less than $143 USDC at the time of mint, but we’ll keep price constant by varying the amount of $TRTN from our 500k reserve that we put in the pool at launch.)

Sunken $TRTN.png
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  • What's coming next?
    The team is still working on a bunch of things to be delivered to Shanties holders, creating an ecosystem around our collections and token using gamified De-Fi.
  • What can I do with my $TRTN?
    HODL or play your chances at the pet palace (more utilities coming soon as we release the different tools for our roadmap).
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